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A regular car service checks the condition of your car. It can assess everything from general wear and tear to fluids, brakes, the engine, and more. Each service is different depending on your vehicle’s make and model. A car service can involve up to 50 or more components, systems checks and adjustments including:

  • An engine oil change and/or filter replacement

  • Checking lights, tyres, exhaust and operations of brakes and steering

  • Checking hydraulic fluid and coolant levels

  • Checking the cooling system (from radiators in your car to pumps and hoses)

  • Suspension checks

  • Steering alignment

  • Testing the car’s battery condition

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It is NOT the same as an MOT

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“But I’ve just had an MOT, why do I need to have my car serviced too?!” Many drivers feel this way, especially with all the other outgoings. But servicing is actually completely different to an MOT. An MOT is an annual technical inspection for safety – it’s not designed to replace or repair worn vehicle components. A full service ensures wear and tear is taken care of, while an MOT won’t.

Wanting to Sell or save your Money?

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Having a full and thorough service history will allow you to ask for a better price when it comes to selling your car.

Not only this but a healthy car tends to be more affordable to run. With its engine and components running at their most effective level, your car is likely to be more fuel efficient, saving you cash at the petrol pump

You can't always Service a Vehicle yourself

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Lots of modern cars are computerised and complex and most car owners simply don’t have the tools or skills to complete a service safely and effectively. Electronic control units and fuel injections have made cars easier to tune up and keep in good shape, but this can only be done with the right computer equipment and software.


If you want to be sure the job is done right, its best to trust the skills and experience of the professional mechanics.

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