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What does MOT stand for?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. The MOT test refers to testing carried out by the Department for Transport-approved garages, to ensure vehicles are roadworthy. The department orders periodic testing for vehicles driven on public roads. The test is mandatory for vehicles that are three years+.

What happens during an MOT?

During an MOT, your car is tested for various faults. Here are the main components of a car that your local garage will check during the MOT test:


  • Car lights: Condition, operation, colour and aim will be checked

  • Registration plate: It needs to be legible, and valid

  • Steering and suspension

  • Windscreen wipers and washers

  • The actual windscreen will be checked

  • Car’s horn – does it operate correctly

  • Seat belts

  • Security of the seats and positions

  • Tyre condition (The spare tyre is not tested)

  • Brakes: to ensure the efficiency and their suitability

  • Exhaust emissions

  • Fuel system


Services explained

Vehicle services refer to a series of maintenance checked carried out at set time intervals or once the vehicle has traveled a marked distance. You can find out the specified service intervals in your vehicle manufacturer’s guide. The manual that comes with your car is written by the makers of the car, so it is your best guide to keeping the vehicle in tip-top condition.


In this manual, it should tell you:

  • When and how often you should service the vehicle

  • Annual maintenance tasks to carry out

Within the service, the mechanic will generally carry out a number of maintenance checks, some of which include:

  • Check and refill fluids

  • Replace oil and oil filter

  • Check brakes and brake fluid

  • Check air and fuel filters

  • Check transmission

  • Check air conditioning

Do I need to make an appointment?

For most service and repair jobs, we would ask you to make an appointment, so we can allocate workshop time that is convenient to you. We do however, stress to all our customers that if it's an emergency, or just one of those annoying little jobs, to simply bring your vehicle straight round!

Do you have a waiting room?

We have a small waiting room in our reception with reading material & heating.

Can i leave my car with you?

We are more than happy to work on your car whilst you carry out your daily tasks, just ask in advance the time scheduling.

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