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Can I get my car serviced during the current coronavirus lockdown in 2021?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Updated News : 17/02/2021

Is your Car, Motorhome or other Vehicle due for an MOT, Repair or Service during the latest coronavirus lockdown?

How will you be affected?

The third England-wide Covid-19 lock down came into effect on 5 January 2021. Although many non-essential businesses have been told to close again, car service departments and garages can remain open during the lockdown, so you can get your car serviced here at Westfield Motors.

Most garages are extremely busy due to their backlog of vehicles that were unable to be serviced for MOT’s & repairs for the six months during this year's first lock down. You will need to contact Westfield Motors or your local garage ASAP or well in advance to ensure your car to get the essential servicing due.

Nationwide garages introduced COVID-19-safe ways of operating in 2020 & beyond. Westfield Motors most certainly have followed Government procedures in regards to coronavirus to ensure your safety and our own. No-contact handovers and our customer vehicles are being are wiped down before and after they have been worked on, aiming to reduce the spread of infection & safe lives. We will continue to work to these Government guidelines to the best of our ability until advised differently.

During the UK's first lockdown the Government provided a six-month extension for any cars with MOTS due from 30 March, which allowed people that didn't have and MOT to not worry about driving without an their car legalised in the short term. However, with garages remaining open during the second and third lock downs, we do not expect there to be another MOT extension so advise booking your MOT, Service or Repair with Westfield Motors as soon as it is required.

Many car show rooms are closed during the lockdown. However the online sales and 'click and collect' of car & other vehicle buying services will continue, so if you have a car, motorhome or motorcycle on order there shouldn't be a delay in you being able to take delivery of it. As far as we are aware Cornwall has engaged with online sales so our customer base is still thriving and we are still in the hot seat for supplying our customers New and current with essential legislated work on their vehicles.

As was the case with previous lockdowns, if you are concerned about taking your car to our garage then please contact us in advance. We would advise you to discuss this with our staff in advance to ensure agreement is met with protocols. We wish nothing more for your experience during Coronavirus with Westfield Motors to go smoothly and stress free.

Take care & we hope to see you soon!

All the best The team @ Westfield Motors


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